General Statement

Sigil strives to bring the best possible experience for our players and the community.

That's where You can help. We ask of you, our players to follow the below rules.
Any breaches of these rules may result in punishments to your account, including but not limited to mutes, kicks, bans and resets.
Do your part to help us make this the best possible environment. Moderators and other Staff roles have the overall say on situations. If you do not agree with the ruling of one, contact a higher ranked Staff member.

These rules apply across the entire network unless expressed otherwise.

Hacked Clients/Use of Third Party Programs

The use of Hacked Clients and other client in which your player or experience may effect the world or the other players around you is strictly forbidden. The use of Optifine and Badlion clients are okay. Please speak to Staff if you have any questions.

Auto Fishing/Auto Clicking/Macros

Using AFK macros is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, Auto Fisher, Auto Mining, Auto Sell (Any macro that can automate a task) External macros such as taping down your mouse or putting a weight on a button, are also classed as macros as they have the same effect. Chat macros that automate tasks such as answering player questions or welcoming players are allowed.


Advertising any other servers in the intention of growing another community/server using our community is strictly forbidden. This includes through chat, private messages, discord, signs, books, builds.


Intentional destruction of another player's build. This also includes stealing, and killing contained passive mobs in other players territory. This does not include grindersPlayers who add others into their claims as trusted members are responsible for the other members and grief prevention.Trust those who you know.


Intentional theft of another player's items. This includes joining other players's islands/parties/lands/communities to take their items. This also includes the griefing rule.

DDoS and Doxing Event or Threats

We take the safety and security of our member's information and wellbeing serious. Any threats or actions taken against a Player, Staff or the Server itself will result in immediate dismissal from the server including IP-Bans.

Abusing Game exploits/bugs/glitches

The severity of the bug determines the length of your ban. Typically we generously reward players who report game-breaking bugs. Abuse of these will result in Player data wipes and/or bans.

Interfering with Staff actions

Players are not allowed to call out hackers in chat or to call out staff that are in vanish. Both of these activities interferes with catching cheaters. Joking or pretending to hack or cheat is also against the rules and may result in bans.

Evasion of Punishment

This is when a player uses an alternate account or other methods to bypass restrictions set on their main account. The alternate account, and players IP address will be muted/banned for the punishment length on the main account.


Purposely trying to interfere with a players gameplay by getting in their way, hurting or trolling them will result in warnings or temp-bans. For example preventing a player from building or using a fishing rod or grappling hook to knock them into a PvP arena. This also extends to spamming/excessive use of Staff assistance when not necessary.

Homes and Warps

Any homes, warps, teleports etc that are in another player's land/town/claim without their permission will have such teleport removed and a warning given.

Lag/TPS Lag Machine/Builds

Builds that significantly lower the FPS of others causing extreme lag, cause a player to lag or lag the server are not allowed, will be cleared and may result in ban. If it is obvious that the laggy build was not intentional, the player will be asked by Staff to remove it/reduce the output lag caused and warns may be given as per Staff decision.

Inappropriate Links, Comments, Names, Skins, Builds, Spamming

Any innapropriate names, skins or comments depending on severity - for Moderators to decide. The player will be asked to change their skin and username, within a timeframe set by the Staff. Any inappropriate links or comments will be removed, the player will have an appropriate punishment deemed by the Staff team. Spamming repeated messages, letters etc will result in mutes and warnings.


Scamming players or using scamming methods including but not limited to selling false items will result in warnings and potential inventory/player data builds resets.

Disrupting Chat and Hate Speech

Players will not argue with Staff via public chat after a punishment has been given to a player. If there is an issue, please contact a higher ranked Staff member about the issue and include screenshots. Abusive or threatening behaviour against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Unlike most chat violations, staff give no warnings for true Hate Speech and the punishments quickly escalate. Note: Not all offensive, ill-informed, inflammatory statements or opinions are true Hate Speech and therefore may be warned or punished as disrespect, harassment, bullying, flame wars, etc. This rule also includes the basis of bullying players which is also unaccepted. Any individual targeting of players or groups will be dealt the same.


Sigil uses Australian and American English as the main languages of the server. However, players who speak English as a second language are allowed to use their native language in chat. Any excessive discussions or conversations should be taken to a private discussion between the appropriate parties. Any users who use other languages to bypass chat rules will be muted and will have alternative language privileges taken from them. Regardless of language, all chat rules must be followed.