Gameplay your way

Choose how you play.


We are Sigil

Sigil is a brand new experience, deriving from the Australian Admin team of InfinityMC. We look to bring a fresh new life to the United States and the world to bring the best of our server and skills in a new exciting way.

That's where Sigil strives. We always aim to go above for the members of our community, closely listening to feedback and suggestions to ensure what we are bringing is for the best of the server. Join our community today and most importantly:
have fun


What have we got?

Not Just Vanilla

We're constantly releasing updates to ensure the gameplay is fresh with new content and custom plugins.

Player Based Economy

We strive for our players to judge how they play and shape the server and community around them.

Choose Your Sigil

Align yourself with one of our sigils. Join a community larger than your friend group.

Rank Progression

We don't want empty gameplay, feel rewarded for your time. Use the in-game rankup system for unique rewards!

Infinity Chest

Ever wanted to hold infinite amounts of items? Now you can through our custom plugin!

Play Your Way

Don't let us tell you how to play! Whether it's OP-Survival, Vanilla, Creative, Skygrid or Minigames, you play your way and we will do the rest!


Server Gallery

What are you waiting for?

Join us today, get started and enjoy yourself!

No whitelist, no mods and no requirements. We hope to see you in-game soon!